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French Dressing Table

French furniture has always been popular with many pieces available through auction houses and many companies producing replica furniture items to suit all budgets.  Furniture that falls into this large grouping of French furniture comprises items that are detailed and handmade at the more expensive end of the market as well as furniture classified as French provincial which as the name suggests was available to more of the population than just the rich upper classes.

The French style of furniture including bedroom furniture such as dressing tables mostly consists of intricate pieces of furniture which are white and light colours.  The light colours of French inspired furniture has a few advantages over furniture in other styles.

The white or lighter colours of this furniture act to lighten the room by reflecting some of the sun light from an uncovered window.  This is great for bedrooms that can seem a little dingy and it also makes the bedroom look a lot bigger.

Another great advantage of French dressing tables that are available in light and white colours is that they are easy to match with other furniture in the room.  White generally goes with most colours and a light coloured or white furniture item such as a dressing table can be added to a room to provide a contrast or different style element.  Other furniture in the bedroom can also be painted in lighter or white colours to also match the style of a French dressing table.

The French style of white and light coloured furniture is also great for people who like to decorate with a colour theme as shades of white can be incorporated into any colour scheme.  White furniture such as a French dressing table can be highlighted with a coloured ottoman or decorative ornaments displayed on the top of the table or the dressing table can be highlighted with a coloured floor rug.

Other great advantages of French inspired furniture is that it doesn’t go in and out of fashion.  Items such as French dressing tables and bedside tables are always available and people are always considering this style of furniture for not only the bedroom but for other rooms in the house.

Lastly the use of French inspired furniture for the bedroom area is a great idea as furniture such as dressing tables are available for all price ranges from the top of the line items of furniture to the replica French furniture which is cheaper but still looks great.

Oak Dressing Table

We spend a large amount of time in our bedrooms so it important that this area provides us with a warm comfortable and inviting feeling.  On e of the ways in which this can be achieved is having a theme or a style that dictates the type of furniture and fixtures that are purchased for the bedroom.  A common theme or style for bedrooms is where furniture in the bedroom including the bed, wardrobe, dressing table and the bedside tables is all made from the same wood and is finished in the same way.  Some of the more popular types of materials used for bedroom furniture include oak which has many properties that make it a great choice for making bedroom and other household furniture.

Oak has long been a popular choice when it comes to materials that are perfect for use in furniture making.  Oak trees are relatively slow growing which provides the timber with a fantastic grain.  Furniture such as oak dressing tables take advantage of this grain and the furniture is given a finish that makes the grain stand out.

The slow growing attributes of the oak also provides the timber with strength and durability.  These attributes are perfect for furniture to ensure that any item of furniture made from oak will last for years and years.  Furniture items such as dressing tables are in constant use every day so it may be important to choose a dressing table that can last rather than selecting a cheaper dresser that will require replacing in the future.

The use of oak for furniture is also great as this timber is hard wearing and it is also able to be sanded back and refinished to look like new.  This is a great feature for furniture such as oak dressing tables as the top of the dresser sees the most use with items being dropped and marking the surface.

Another advantage of using oak for furniture such as dressing tables is that the timber can be finished in a large number of finishes.  This is great for people who are matching a dressing table to furniture that is already in the bedroom.  The oak can be finished in darker or lighter colour.

The main disadvantage when it comes to choosing oak furniture, especially dressing tables that can have intricate work is the price.  Oak is an expensive material to work with so the furniture that is made is more expensive than other materials such as pine.

Shabby Chic Dressing Table

One of the more modern fashions in the world of furniture is the use of a furniture fashion called shabby chic.  This fashion is currently the big thing that is happening in furniture styles at the moment and involves creating a homely feel through the use of unique furniture items.  This style also involves matching restored and old furniture with newer pieces for contrast and style.  The ultimate aim when using the shabby chic style is to design a space such as the bedroom that has functionality but also has that unique and homely feeling.

Much of the shabby chic furniture items are made using second hand furniture which is sanded and repainted using mostly washed out pastel colours.  The colours that are mostly used are very light shades of green, blues and yellows which give the furniture a lighter look.  Shabby chic dressing tables which are coloured with these lighter colours are great for providing some lighter colours in small and dark bedroom areas.

Shabby chic is not only great for adding a bit of colour and light to a bedroom but this style is also easy to do yourself and in some cases can be much cheaper than purchasing new furniture for the bedroom.  Most of the items of furniture for shabby chic are second hand so to create your own shabby chic style it is quite cheap to either buy second hand furniture or convert your current furniture items, such as your dressing table and bedroom furniture to this style.

The shabby chic design does not have any real rules to follow and is one of those styles that gives you room to move and nothing you do is right or wrong.  Choosing to use the shabby chic style in your bedroom can have a positive effect on this space and the look can be achieved quite cheaply if you are prepared to do most of the work yourself.

The dressing table is one of those bedroom furniture items that looks great when it has been prepared using the shabby chic style.  Most wooden dressing tables are suitable to use to create the shabby chic look as long as you consider the following.  Dressing tables that have very intricate patterns and carvings may be difficult to work with so it is best to choose a dressing table that is simple and plain in design.  Before starting work on your shabby chic dressing table it is also important to have a practice at the preparation and the painting on a throw away piece of wood so that when you prepare and paint your dressing table it will come out the way you had hoped.

Bedroom Dressing Table

When choosing furniture for the bedroom it is important to consider that the bedroom area needs to be relaxing as well as functional.  The bedroom is a place where we spend a large amount of time so the room should be a place that promotes comfort.  When purchasing bedroom furniture such as a bedroom dressing table, it is important to consider what the room is used for and what function the piece of furniture will provide.  The following tips can help you decide on the most suitable bedroom dressing table for your bedroom space.

One of the main considerations when purchasing any furniture for the home is the amount of money that you have budgeted for the purchase of the item.  In the bedroom space the dressing table is in most cases the third most expensive furniture item after the bed and the wardrobe so it is important to budget correctly.  The amount of money that you have to purchase a bedroom dressing table will as influence the type of dresser, the materials used as well as the accessories included.

The size of the bedroom and in particular the space that you have for the bedroom dressing table is also important to consider.  Some bedrooms especially those in small houses and units only have a small amount of room left once the bed and wardrobes are in the room.  One of the easiest ways to make sure that the bedroom dressing table will fit the space is to measure the area of the bedroom and also take a tape measure with you when shopping for the furniture item.

For people who are adding a bedroom dressing table into a bedroom that already has other furniture such as bedside tables, you should try to match the style or design that has already been created for that room.  This can be as easy as matching the colour, the wood type or even the handles used on the drawers or cabinets.

Another thing to consider is that bedroom dressing tables also come with accessories such as ottomans and feature mirrors as part of their design.  These features can increase the function or the dressing table as a small seat and a mirror is great for providing an area to apply makeup that is away from the bathroom.

Choosing the perfect bedroom dressing table should be easy if you consider these things before you make a purchase.  Selecting the most suitable furniture to suit the style you are after can make your bedroom look great and last a life time.

Pine Dressing Table

The bedroom area of the house is a place that needs to be functional as well as an area that is comfortable and a place where you can relax and sleep.  Within the bedroom space it is important to have furniture that has plenty of storage for personal items as well as room for large furniture pieces such as a bed.  The use of a dressing table in the bedroom area provides a great storage solution for personal items and knickknacks that end up in the bedroom area.  Choosing the best type of dressing table for your bedroom can be quite easy if you first consider a few things before making a purchase.

When deciding on what type of dressing table you need it is important to have a budget to work to.  Furniture such as dressing tables can be expensive depending on what material you decide to shop for.  One of the cheaper options for dressing tables is to choose a pine dressing table which can be much cheaper to purchase than other materials used for dressing tables.

Once you have decided on pine for the material and finish of the dressing table it is also important to consider what you will use the dressing table for and what storage you need.  Dressing tables are mostly used for storing smaller personal items such as jewellery, makeup and electronic devices such as phones and iPods.  Many pine dressing tables feature a large table top area as well as drawers and cupboards for storage of these and other items.  It is a good idea to consider what items you wish to display on the pine dressing table and that there is enough room to do this.

Other features that you should consider when purchasing a pine dressing table is to consider the following design features of the table.  The pine dressing table should have a nice finish either with a colour paint or a varnish which brings out the natural features  of the pine.  The workmanship of the dressing table should also be considered with drawers and cabinets that open and close properly.  The pine dressing table should also be made with strong heavy duty hinges and any drawers should be on runners for easy use.  This is important as it will receive a large amount of use throughout its life time.  Some pine dressing tables also feature a mirror as part of the dressing table design.